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12 Mar 09

Busty Hanna Hilton

Horny glamour girl Judy Jade

As you probably already know, Judy Jade was a glamour model for a while before she just couldn’t stand all of the bullshit that goes along with it and made up her mind to do her own thing… and in my opinion I think the day she thought that should be made in to an international holiday! Just think about it, we would have missed out on all of these nude pics of everyone’s favorite porn girl if she had stayed with her first boring job. It would be a shame to hide away a body like this!

I know there are probably more than a thousand young hotties trying to make it in ‘the biz’ right now so it is no surprise that it takes something very special to make it very far at all… and Judy Jade has what it takes and then some if you ask me. So if you’re obsessed like me you can rest assured that she will be around for a while producing new stuff to please us all! Nobody can say she doesn’t try her hardest to please her fans, and the proof is at which is her personal site.

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